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Picture of Eathan at Ren Fair 2009 holding a Stormtrooper hostage

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Alaska Cruise Videos

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First day on Carnival Spirit (2:49)

Inside passage (1:09)

Cabin surprise, trams, and whales (3:32)

Whiteline Railroad (1:10)

Liarsville (4:47)

College Fjord (6:05)

Brown Bear in wildlife refuge (2:08)


Adaptive Computing Specialist (Long Beach City College June 2002 - present) Picture of my campus

Instructional Aide II (Cerritos College Nov. 1998 - May 2002): Assisting disabled students with their homework, brailing assignments and notes for visually impaired students. 5 years Win 95/98 (beta 3 tester Win 98), 2 years Win NT, Duxbury brailing systems, JAWS for Windows, various other programs for the disabled. Building PCs for over 6 years. Knowledge of DOS, Windows (all), and some Linux (Red Hat 7). Networking Windows 98 on small-scaled (home) setups. Also, repair, maintain, and update computers in ISC lab. Assist in requisition of equipment.

Manager (World of Games 1993-1995): Started in sales at Artesia store, became manager of City of Industry store. Tallied daily receipts, maintained inventory, handled customer relations, opened, closed, and cleaned store daily.

Den firing a machine gun!

A little animated gif I made!

Final Fantasy XI

Angus: Home Town - Bastok: Server - Cerberus (retired)

Character profile

First picture

Winter Solstice!

Fishing is boring!

A Twinkling Treant!

Crag of Dem

Video of San d'Oria's Dragon

Video of Bastok's Dragon


Penguin typing on a laptop

Fixing up my 2002 Dodge Neon ACR.

How many people do you know with their own Federal Holiday?

"Prickly" clowns a.k.a. Good Intentions